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Next of kin prevara (ali “How to scam scammers”)

25.08.2009 ob 12:57

Danes sem po elektronski pošti dobil spodnje pismo. Vedoč, da je verjetnost, da se taka stvar zgodi ravno meni enaka možnosti, da zadenem na lotu (pa čeprav ne vplačujem), sem, preden sem naročil 40 metrsko jahto in ves gradbeni material za hišo, malo pogooglal in, seveda, ugotovil, da gre za prevaro.



National AssemblyBP 171.
Tel: (229) 31 39 03

ATTN: Igor XXXXX (Priimek),

Please, I am about to deliver to you information which is confidential and be kept secretive for security purpose.
I am Houessou Joseph Gnonlofoun, an indigenous personal Lawyer to Late Ing. Simon XXXXX (enak priimek), a national of your country, who used to work as the Senior Shareholder (TOTAL BENIN) Oil Company Cotonou in Republic West Coast of Africa. Here in shall it be placed as my client. On the 21st of April 2003, my client and his family were found dead burnt in an auto crash that took place in Cotonou along Cotonou-Ouidah Highway. He was a Contractor till his sudden death.
I am contacting you to support me in retrieving this money from Bank of Africa where he deposited his money worth 19.5Million Euros.
The Bank has issued me an official notice to provide the sole heir to this fund or have the debt account confiscated.
I have been unsuccessful in locating a relative since five years ago. But now I seek your kind approval to stand as the next of kin / sole heir of the deceased amount as you have the same last name or family name for the transfer transaction of this account valued at 19.5 Million Euros to be paid to you into your bank account in your country considering the economic situation in the world at this moment and then you and I can share the money 50% goes to you and 50% for me. The assured way we are going to reclaim this Money is firstly, I will need you to send me the following information about you like:

-Your Full Name and Address,

-Your Age,

-Occupation and Position,

-your private e-mail address if available,

-Your Telephone Mobile and Fax Number for easier Communication Purpose.

I will make all valued legal documents available to you for your back up to the acclaimed fund. All to be required is your honest co-operation for us to see this Deal through. My guarantee is that we will execute this arrangement under the constitution of law. I await your Call and reply ASAP.

For privacy please reply to this E-Mail address:

Best Regards,
Houessou Joseph Gnonlofoun
Direct Tel no. : (+229) 96 68 33 61

Mene tukaj muči sledeče: Ali se da te prevarante na kakršenkoli način zaj…., da bi jaz dejansko od njih izvabil kakšen fičnik. Za ideje lepo prosim. Dobiček delimo na pol. :)

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